WELL…I’M NOT LYING, THE TED TALK IS REAL!  Like I’ve said before – say what you want, then go get it! Last fall, I said to a friend, “I really want to do a TED Talk.”  And guess what. I got invited to speak at a TEDx Youth Event at Summit Prep in Redwood City in exactly 1 month – June 6, 2014. hahahaha


Am I nervous? Ohh, I will be, but I can SEE myself there, at the event, on stage, smiling, doin’ mah thang. It’s all good. And of course, I’m writing my speech, and I will practice up the kazooey, but I want to say to the Summit students: “I’m so psyched to come talk with you!”

So that’s the BIG news…and I have a new website. Yes, it’s hard to remember: 

hoo-boy, that’s so unexpected!  🙂  And I have a new logo. I’m pasting below, but do click to It looks way cooler, there. AND I offer speaking and coaching services, I’m teaching writing camps, workshops, and I tutor one-on-one. Multi-talented. Or, multi-passionate. So, yeah, I realized…THIS is what I’m supposed to be doing, my friends. And along with that, I’m sending you all good vibes and fairy dust to follow your passion. Magic happens when you do what you love.

My Logo!  Huge thanks to design master, Bob West, at You're the best, Bob!

My Logo! Hurray! This version is for  email – ergo, positioned left for signature 🙂 
Huge thanks to design master, Bob West, at You’re the best, Bob!

SPEAKING & COACHING COLLEGE TRACK TEAM Two weeks ago, I was at Santa Ana College speaking to and coaching the men’s and women’s track team. They. Are. AWESOME! I asked them what they want to do, what they struggle with, and we had a conversation. They asked me a LOT of questions, too, like how DID I (and my Utah team) win 4 consecutive national championship titles. No one does that! they said. hahaha. True. Tis’ rare. But I learned to be bold, take risks, say what you want, and keep surrounding yourself with like-minded people who support you. Yes, you must be disciplined to reach big goals. Yes, you must work closely with your team – show respect. And biggest most profound Yes, you MUST believe in yourself and use mental skills: visualize, positive self-talk, breath, relax, concentrate, and recall best performances. I took the team through breathing and relaxing exercise. They liked it! 🙂

Thanks for having me, Coach Miriam and Team. You guys rock!

Santa Ana College Track Team -  I got to speak with them and help them on performance/mental skills. Go Dons!    4/23/14

Santa Ana College Track Team – I got to speak with them and help them on performance/mental skills. I’m in middle, wearing red.   Go Dons! 4/23/14

Okay kids, I’m signing off. Wish me LUCK!

reach, sweat, believe,



My TED Talk – Vulnerability, the power in sports

So I’m writing my TED talk. Well, it’s in my head. And it’s all because my friend, Julia Zanutta, told me that in addition to this blog, and writing a sports book, JULIA SAYS: “You’re going to get speaking engagements, you’ll need somewhere to provide booking information and links to Amazon for your book and a link to your TED talk.”

(Wha…? TED? lol…  Then, I stopped. Hmm, I thought, maybe…I guess it’s possible). “You have a point,” I said, “TED is in my future.” And I briefly rambled – Couldn’t I do all that booking and linking on my Blog site…?

Vulnerability. Julia also told me about incredible TED talks by researcher, Brene Brown. Vulnerability and Shame are amazing. And after watching Brene and hearing her message, it got me thinking how us athletes and coaches have such a hard heel dug into “don’t be vulnerable” and “never be weak,” because, hey, it’s sports and you have to be tough and tougher to fight hard and win, never be weak, never give up, just go, go, go. Got it?

But at times, athletes are vulnerable. Don’t fight it. That’s when you are most brave and connect with others. If you suppress emotion too much, you create obstacles and inner stress. It is suppression that stops us, keeps us disconnected, untrustworthy, and even powerless. In human nature, it’s our core desire to express – shout when you’re happy, cry when you’re sad. Right? So we need to connect. Through personal exposure and shared empathy, you can become a vessel of truth and power. If you struggle while avoiding vulnerability, you are only defeating yourself. You are not perfect. No one is. And it’s all a *big show* if you always fake it (faker faker). So think: You can’t know or learn about your teammates OR yourself if you keep faking, always hiding your pain. It’s not real. And the best athletes in the world, like Venus Williams, who are tough, face challenges, yet openly share vulnerabilities – THEY ARE REAL AND BRAVE – and that’s why we want to be like them.

So Talk. You don’t have to do a TED talk. Just talk to your mom, dad, sister, brother, friend. What are you feeling, thinking? Maybe, just maybe, your coach or teammates will understand. Maybe they will help you. Maybe, a teammate will say, “Yeah, me, too.” But I guarantee, you will feel brave to speak honestly and relieved to open up. And, you will find others who feel the same way. In becoming vulnerable with your teammates, you will automatically start to lean on one other, then support each other, and push each other to overcome the toughest moments. Through all of this you will become closer. Together you will feel powerful, and possibly, invincible, and when you do, you will rise and soar higher and higher, reaching the most amazing heights–together.

And that, my friend, is the power in sports.

Now, back to writing.  TED may be calling.


Hannah, Annalisa, and my daughter, McKenna winning Regional Basketball Championship. The girls talked, became a close team, and went on to win the National title.

Reach, sweat, and believe.